Our Story

Amai is run by Mary with a bit of help from her son Patrick. It started out as a personal passion in difficult times which, through friends of friends and word of mouth, has grown into a small business.

In 2015 Mary was diagnosed with a multiple tumours on her auditory nerves, caused by a genetic disorder. One of the tumours was quite large, pressing on her brain and requiring immediate surgery. The result of which would be total loss of hearing and balance on her right side. The rehabilitation was a long road to a partial recovery, and one that would leave her unable to work in the types of work she was accustomed to. Focussing on recovery and unsure of her future, it was particularly stressful time.

Mary had always loved the calm, comforting ambience that a candle creates, but given her health, had becoming increasingly conscious of the additives present in many popular candle brands. She decided to learn to make her own, and, over a few years she had developed her own technique for producing high quality candles without additives.

It has since grown into a small business, mostly built on word of mouth, and the hope is that it will continue to grow in the years to come.